Christmas Light Installation – The Easy Way

Is the prospect of putting up outdoor Christmas lights taking the shine off the holidays for you? You can avoid all the hassle of ladders, light strands, high winds and winter weather by letting Christmas Decor Michigan do all the work for you. For more than 2 decades, Christmas Decor has been giving customers […]

Christmas Decor – The Best Christmas Light Installers In Michigan

Christmas Decor Michigan is offering to take 20% off your total order if you are a new customer and schedule your installation to be installed on or before November 30th, 2014.

Christmas Decor Michigan are professional Christmas light installers. We will design a unique Christmas light installation for your home or business. We will travel […]

What Can The Color Of Your Christmas Decorations Tell You?

What are your favorite colors for Christmas lights or Christmas decorations? The color of your Christmas lights can actually tell you something about your personality.

If you prefer violet or purple lights or decorations you might have a strong hold on your emotions and have a vibrant imagination. There is a prevalent association with wisdom […]

Installing Christmas Decorations – What You Should Know

The Christmas season is upon us! The stores are rolling out the Holiday decorations and Christmas movies are playing on TV! Fall will soon be long gone and it will be time to start putting up those Christmas decorations. Before you bring out the ladder and nails be sure you know how to safely […]

Coupon for 20% off

Receive 20% off of your first Christmas light installation.
If you are a new customer, we would like to give you 20% off of your first holiday lighting installation. Click HERE to print your Christmas light installation coupon, then present it to your Christmas Decor Michigan representative at the time of your initial consultation.

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Time Lapse of Professional Christmas Light Installation

Do you try to channel your best Clark Griswald to decorate your house for Christmas and then figure out that by the time you are done with the Christmas light installation the holidays will be over? Here is a time lapse video of why it is a good idea to call Christmas Decor by ArborLawn […]

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