Christmas Light Installation - The Easy WayIs the prospect of putting up outdoor Christmas lights taking the shine off the holidays for you? You can avoid all the hassle of ladders, light strands, high winds and winter weather by letting Christmas Decor Michigan do all the work for you. For more than 2 decades, Christmas Decor has been giving customers beautifully decorated homes that are the envy of the neighborhood and with great customer service!

The Christmas Decor team will come to your home and give you a free estimate for a Christmas light installation. We will put up all decorations before Christmas and then return after the holidays to take down, label and store everything at our clean and organized facility. Your decorations will be safe and ready to go again next year. Best of all, they will be out of your way until you need them.

In addition, our Christmas Decor Michigan service team will visit your home at least twice during the holiday season, checking the lights and servicing any problems which may have occurred. We guarantee great customer service for your Christmas light installation. We want you to enjoy your Christmas with friends and family.

At Christmas Decor Michigan, we pride ourselves on creating dazzling and beautiful Christmas displays for the home. We follow the homeowner’s suggestions to the letter. When planning for the next year, we can use the exact same display or design something totally different. Our design team has the experience and the know-how to create a display that no one will soon forget.

To initiate your own free estimate, go online and visit Christmas Decor Michigan. This year, your Christmas season can be stress free and your lighting display outstanding!