Ronald McDonald House Christmas Light InstallationHere at Christmas Decor Michigan, nothing gets us in the Christmas spirit (except for Christmas carols) as much as community service and helping others. For over 10 years our office staff, managers, and their families have helped decorate the Ronald McDonald House for the Holidays.

This annual community service project is a favorite among our staff and something we look forward to all year long. Christmas Decor Michigan is all about bringing Christmas cheer and sometimes the people who need it the most are those who need the Ronald McDonald House. Children and their families are what Christmas is about. It’s for our children that we decorate and bring the magic of Christmas into our homes. For those children and their families who can’t be at their own homes for the Holidays, we want to bring the magic of Christmas to them.

Our specialty here at Christmas Decor Michigan is our unique Christmas light installation. We want to bring to the community a Christmas light installation that helps remind you throughout the Holidays to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Christmas lights are such an important part of the Holiday that we take for granted. Think how dark your Holiday decor would be without lights. We hope that our Christmas light installation for the Ronald McDonald House helps bring those children and their families the magic of Christmas.Ronald McDonald House Christmas Light Installation

We want to encourage you to help your community by giving this Holiday season. Remember the saying, It’s better to give than receive? If you want to bring Holiday cheer to your community with a Christmas light installation please visit our website. If you would like to give to the Ronald McDonald House Charities you can find more information here.