Make A Real Tree The Center Of Your Christmas DecorA major focal point of Christmas d├ęcor is the traditional Christmas tree and having a Christmas tree that is real can certainly make the holidays seem a little more festive. In fact, a real tree makes a beautiful holiday light display. If you’ve always used an imitation tree, you might be unfamiliar with how to choose a good tree. Here are some simple things to consider when looking for your beautiful, live Christmas tree.

Bad: If it has needles that are brown or dead.

A tree like this won’t last long. You can test a tree by grabbing a branch with your forefinger and thumb and pulling it gently downwards. If you get a bunch of needles, the tree is already past its prime.

Good: Branches that will bend easily.

The branches on your Christmas tree should bend without snapping. Old trees will have branches that break easily.

Bad: Lots of Needles are Falling Out

It is normal for a pine tree to lose needles; however, these needles will generally come from the inside of the tree. You can shake the tree and interior needles will come off, but if you notice many exterior needles falling off then you probably have a tree that is old and won’t make it through the holiday season.

Good: Cut the End of the Tree Off

Prior to placing the tree in a tree stand be sure to cut the stump. If you will be putting your tree in water within a few hours then you can have it cut where you purchase it. If it will be longer than 4 hours the tree will dry out on the end and won’t be able to absorb the water in the stand.

A real Christmas tree can certainly make the Holidays seem much more special. It is generally the focus of your Christmas Decor. This is where your family will gather around for their Christmas celebration and it is where presents will be placed. Christmas Decor Michigan will help get you ready for the Holidays! Visit our blog and check out our other entries for more Christmas ideas!

Visit and find a Christmas tree farm in your area.