How To Wish Your Christmas Lights Installer WellCarol singers have very obscure beginnings. They are based on ancient traditions. Actually, a lot of the Christian festivals like ‘All Soul’s Day’, Christmas, and Easter were created for replacing pagan festivals. That’s why Christmas day is close to the Winter Solstice.

It is very likely that the very first Christmas carols were written to replace the pagan songs usually sung at this time of year.

Carols began to be associated with Christmas more than with other types of festivals. It was Francis of Assisi who encouraged people to go out and sing carols, singing in their own native language as opposed to Latin, but those carols were mainly performed in churches.

Over time Christmas carols became a lot less formal and were no longer associated with bible readings or religious meetings. Now people would simply gather around to listen to the carolers and even participate in the singing. They would meet out in public areas or in homes.

The wandering around in groups as carol singers probably started in old ancient England. This is when wassailing was inextricably connected to carol singing. The name ‘wassailing’ comes from the Old Norse language. When you ‘wassail’ someone, it means you are wishing them good health. It is basically a form of blessing.

It was a natural progression for these groups of people who were walking around blessing other people would begin to sing carols as well. Back in Medieval times it was commonplace to see musicians and wandering poets. They survived on donations from those they performed for. It was only logical that carol singers began to gather gifts and money during their travels to benefit society’s less fortunate.

So, a Christmas lights installer, a Christmas tree salesman, or anyone who goes caroling today, is no doubt participating in an ancient tradition that has evolved over centuries.

A Christmas light installers is like an artist, only instead of paint, they decorate with lights. Why not give carolers something pretty to look at with a lighting design by Christmas Decor Mid Michigan. You could even wish your Christmas light installers good health and thank them by singing them Christmas carols as they install your design.

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