The History Behind Your Holiday Lights Installation

Many people celebrate Christmas every year. The eye-catching decorations are a major part of the Christmas Season. This time of the year would not be same without a holiday lights installation at businesses and homes. Christmas tree decorations started in Germany during the 19th century. Christmas light installation originally involved attaching candles to Christmas trees [...]

Keep Safe This Winter By Using Christmas Light Installers

Winter weather can be a real problem when it comes to safety. Ice and snow on the sidewalks and roof of your house can be hazardous if you are not careful. One way to avoid injury is to hire professional Christmas light installers to decorate your house for you. A well-lit sidewalk leading to your [...]

How To Wish Your Christmas Light Installers Well

Carol singers have very obscure beginnings. They are based on ancient traditions. Actually, a lot of the Christian festivals like 'All Soul's Day', Christmas, and Easter were created for replacing pagan festivals. That's why Christmas day is close to the Winter Solstice. It is very likely that the very first Christmas carols were written to [...]

Ronald McDonald House Christmas Light Installation

Here at Christmas Decor Michigan, nothing gets us in the Christmas spirit (except for Christmas carols) as much as community service and helping others. For over 10 years our office staff, managers, and their families have helped decorate the Ronald McDonald House for the Holidays. This annual community service project is a favorite among our [...]

Make A Real Tree The Center Of Your Christmas Decor

A major focal point of Christmas décor is the traditional Christmas tree and having a Christmas tree that is real can certainly make the holidays seem a little more festive. In fact, a real tree makes a beautiful holiday light display. If you've always used an imitation tree, you might be unfamiliar with how to [...]

Handmade Ornaments For Your Holiday Lights Installation

One of the worst problems that people face during the holidays is trying to find Christmas decorations that are new. Many people tend to re-use the same ones year after year. While this definitely saves you money, it can take the magic out of the Holiday season if you are unimpressed with your Christmas decorations. [...]

Inspiration For Your Christmas Lighting Installation

If you feel daunted by the idea of decorating your home's exterior for yet another Holiday season, don't despair. While it does take a lot of work and time to gather your decorations and set them up, that may not be what worries you most. Perhaps it's what the whole Christmas lighting installation should look [...]

Ask Your Professional Christmas Light Installers About Unique Colors

Are you bored with traditional Christmas colors? Does the constant barrage of red and green kill your holiday spirit? If so, why not ask your Christmas light installers to consider brightening up your holidays with an alternative color scheme for your exterior holiday decorations. White and Parchment The subtle combination of white and parchment is very on [...]

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