Handmade Ornaments For Your Holiday Lights InstallationOne of the worst problems that people face during the holidays is trying to find Christmas decorations that are new. Many people tend to re-use the same ones year after year. While this definitely saves you money, it can take the magic out of the Holiday season if you are unimpressed with your Christmas decorations. This is why a cookie cutter doubles as a great ornament!

There are a few things that you will need to complete this type of project.

Hot-glue gun and extra sticks
A box cutter of some sort
Scissors (safety scissors if doing this with your child)
Metal Cookie Cutters
Your choice of paper (Christmas wrapping paper works great!)
Twine, thread or some type of ribbon

The first step is to choose the paper you wish to use for your Christmas decorations. It is a nice touch to use different papers for each ornament to add variety. If you are a scrapbooker you will already have multiple items for this. Cookie cutters can cost anywhere from a few dollars to around ten dollars depending on the style and how many you want but there are usually metal ones that are quite inexpensive. Old cookie cutters work as well if they are metal!

Apply hot glue to the edge of the cookie cutter (this is why metal is best) and apply your paper. The pattern must be faced up when applying it or your Christmas decorations might look a bit odd. It also must completely dry before continuing.

The box cutter will come in handy for removing any extra paper on the decoration, but take care not to cut yourself. The twine or ribbon or whichever hanging product you choose will need to loop around and be glued to the back of the paper. This affixes the ornament on the tree or other item you hang it on. Always ensure that the glue is dry before hanging!

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