Inspiration For Your Christmas Lighting InstallationIf you feel daunted by the idea of decorating your home’s exterior for yet another Holiday season, don’t despair. While it does take a lot of work and time to gather your decorations and set them up, that may not be what worries you most. Perhaps it’s what the whole Christmas lighting installation should look like. What should you do?

First off, it’s just fine to go with a traditional look and in fact it may be the best idea.

A classic Christmas look involves evergreen wreaths and garlands displayed on windows, doors, porch railings and columns. Secure them well so they do not end up blowing down the street on into the neighbor’s yard.

When it comes to lighting, strands of electric lights–whether incandescent or the energy-sparing LED variety–add great sparkle and color to landscaping, gutters, and door and window frames. However, they tend to leave dark spots which leave your beautiful wreaths and garlands in the shadows. To brighten those darker areas, use colored spotlights (White, red and green are the usual colors.) to highlight your other decorations so they can be seen from the sidewalk and street.

To add even more green to your outdoor installation, put small evergreen trees in flower pots around the yard. Whether natural or artificial make sure they are well weighted so they are not lost to the wind and weather. Decorate or leave them plain as you see fit, either way they add a great woodsy feel to your holiday display.

Hopefully, these few ideas have helped your creative processes along. If you still would like some help with your Christmas lighting installation, contact Christmas Decor Michigan. Christmas Decor Michigan can answer your questions, give you suggestions and do your entire Christmas lighting installation for you. Consultations are always free of charge. Check out our other blog entries for more ideas.