Installing Christmas Decorations - What You Should Know Lansing MIThe Christmas season is upon us! The stores are rolling out the Holiday decorations and Christmas movies are playing on TV! Fall will soon be long gone and it will be time to start putting up those Christmas decorations. Before you bring out the ladder and nails be sure you know how to safely install your lighted Christmas decorations.

Make sure you secure extension cords to the ground to prevent tripping. Outside plugs should be kept elevated to keep water or snow from getting in and causing short circuits or fires. Use a brick or rock to lift the plug from the ground.

If you’re going to be climbing ladders wear a utility belt with all your supplies so you won’t have to keep going up and down the ladder. Make sure you are using hooks and hangers designed for putting up lights. Nails, screws, and pins can damage your walls, roof, and guttering.

You should discard any old lights or lighted Christmas decorations. Old Christmas lights that have been in use for many years can be a fire hazard. Plug the lights in and feel the heat generated from the lights. If they get too hot in a short amount of time it’s probably best to throw them away. Don’t run the risk of a fire because of old Christmas lights.
Use only indoor lights or lighted Christmas decorations inside and those designed for outdoor use outside. Indoor lights are not designed to withstand winter weather conditions. The cold, rain, snow, and wind can damage these lights and cause a potential electrical fire or short circuit and possibly destroy these Christmas decorations.

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Christmas will be here before you know it! Get your home ready today!