The Perfect Compliment To Your Christmas Lighting Installation - A Real TreeA Christmas tree is an essential part of your Christmas decor, and there is nothing like a real tree to brighten up the season and fill your home with that unforgettable pine scent. A real Christmas tree is the perfect compliment to your Christmas lighting installation. Not only will the outside of your home be decorated beautifully for Christmas but the inside of your home will be too!

If you are buying a real tree this Christmas, keep the following tips and points in mind:

Measure the Space

Many people rush out to buy a real tree without first measuring the space to make sure that the tree will comfortably fit. The space the tree will take up and the height of the room are two measurements you should write down and of course, if you are going to have a tree topper make sure you allow enough space for your star, angel or other ornament.

Measure the Tree

Once you have decided on a tree, you will then have to measure the tree to make sure it will fit in the space designated in your home. Measure both the tree’s height as well as the diameter of the stump.

Transporting Your Tree

You will need a roof rack on your car or a pick up truck to transport your tree home, unless the place delivers, and not all of them will. If you have your tree on the roof of your car, be sure to secure it properly, cover it with a blanket or tarp and place it with the stump facing forward.

Don’t Forget to Water Your Tree

You can place your tree in a bucket filled with rocks if you don’t have a tree stand and this will help to keep it both upright and level. To prevent your tree from deteriorating before the big day, make sure you keep it watered. The last thing you want is a fire in your home, and you should be sure to keep your Christmas lights away from any water.

Decorating the tree is half the fun and a tradition for many families. A real tree can provide holiday memories to last for many years. Try and use the same type and style of decorations on your tree as your outdoor Christmas lighting installation to create a cohesive Christmas decor.

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