Ask your Battle Creek Mi Christmas light installers about unique colorsAre you bored with traditional Christmas colors? Does the constant barrage of red and green kill your holiday spirit? If so, why not ask your Christmas light installers to consider brightening up your holidays with an alternative color scheme for your exterior holiday decorations.

White and Parchment
The subtle combination of white and parchment is very on trend for this holiday season. Earth tones, like brown, cream and beige, pair with winter white to create a feeling of effortless elegance. If you choose this scheme, add to its understated elegance by choosing burlap and wood accents.

Light Blue, Kelly Green and Winter White
Admittedly, this color scheme sounds a bit strange at first, but it is an excellent choice for creating a cheery winter wonderland. You do, however, have to make sure you balance the colors correctly by using predominantly white decor with pops of blue and green. A good ratio to aim for is three parts white to one part blue and green.

Silver, White and Blue
Do you want a look that is colorful and perfectly seasonal? If so, pair various blue shades with silver and snowy white. This color combination will have your home feeling like a frosted fair.

Metal Hues
The subtle sheen of metal paired with simple white adds class and interest to your Christmas decor. For a traditional look, pair gold or silver with white, or give your Christmas decor a more contemporary feel by using both silver and gold. If you need a little more color, try using pops of pewter or metallic reds, blues and pinks.

Bronze, Brown, Violet and White
Use this color scheme to create a feeling that is both homey and slightly masculine. These colors work best when you have a white tree and use decorations that are primarily brown and bronze with a few violet accents. Plain and decorated pinecones make wonderful brown ornaments for those choosing this scheme.

Choosing innovative colors for your Christmas decor is a great way to brighten Christmas for yourself, your family and your friends. It will help distinguish your home from the unending sea of red and green. You can even extend your unique color scheme outdoors. Christmas Decor Michigan has a full range of products to help you accomplish this. Pay a visit to our website for more information and a free estimate.